The most interactive way to learn coding and design for kids

CoSpaces Edu enables students to learn by doing, using the various tools available with the technology. All features in CoSpaces Edu can be adapted to fit different class subjects and learning objectives.

Let your students become creators

Enable your students to build and code their own experiences, not just consume them. Creators are the future innovator and get them start early is the best.

Use one tool for all

Use Owlnext Lab across all age-levels, subject areas and multiple devices. From coding to designing to building a new world, all are possible just from Owlnext Lab.

Bring the Wow! into the classroom

Engage and captivate your students to enhance their digital literacy skills with Owlnext Lab. A whole new learning experience is waiting for students to explore and have fun with.

Creation toolbox

Owlnext Lab creation toolbox is filled with high-quality 3D models ranging from animals, buildings to normal objects. Kids can browse through the library and just drag-n-drop to make the model alive and ready to be program.

Coding features

Use a visual programming language ideal for beginners or get access to scripting languages for more advanced coding. Owlnext Lab is powered by google Blockly which is based on javascript. Students will get to hands on programming concepts and ready for more advance programming.

Class management

Manage and observe student work from a user-friendly dashboard with class management features including assigning assignment, check student progress and grouping of students for collaboration.

Kids friendly interface

Owlnext Lab comes with kids friendly interface to help kids code and design easier than before. The interface is easy to understand and kids just need to drag-n-drop to do what they wish

Ready to learn lesson plan module

For all subscriber of Owlnext Lab, lesson plans are ready made for kids to get them started and explore their full potential as a designer and coder. All module are made for easy understanding of kids and easy customization.

AR & VR visualization

Step into a new dimension with power of AR & VR. With Owlnext Lab, kids able to interact with what they build from AR and VR perspective which maker what they created more immersive than ever.