Coding is a new form of literacy, a must-have skill for every young person, no matter their career plans. Our classes transform tech-consuming kids into active creators and innovators who express themselves through code.

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Outcome of our program


Kids learn to write code which develops computational and cognitive skills.


Kids build perseverance because coding and debugging require patient analytical work!


Kids learn algorithmic thinking through repetition, conditional logic, and sequencing.

Kids get advantage in the future by learning the language of the future

Kids learn to solve complex problems by breaking them down into smaller components.

Kids can apply ALL the above skills in other fields, especially science, maths & engineering.


  • School Holiday Bootcamp

    School Holiday Bootcamp, keep your kids gainfully active at fun, enriching Coding Camps designed to build their computational and problem-solving skills!
Most online coding courses are self-directed, with software, rather than humans, doing the “teaching”. This may work for some highly-motivated students, but not for most. While coding is fun it is also challenging, requiring a degree of persistence and self-discipline that most young people haven’t yet developed. At Owlnext Edu, we believe that most young coders learn best in small groups, supported by their peers and guided by highly qualified and attentive teachers. We believe that live interaction with such teachers, and with fellow students, provides not only the content but also the inspiration that kids need to leverage their innate ability to learn. Our proven methodology has already helped thousands of young people aged 8-18 learn coding, irrespective of their former experience.


Coding is a new form of literacy, a 'must have' skill for every young person, irrespective of their future career plans. It provides kids with an understanding of how the digital world works and gives them the tools to take an active part in it. Just like learning to read and write, the earlier in their lives kids are exposed to coding, the easier it is for them to absorb the concepts. We believe that with the proper methodology and attention everyone can learn to code, therefore, at Owlnext Edu the only prerequisite is motivation. We design our classes to leverage the diverse needs and interests of our learners. Every child is different; some prefer to listen first and explore later, others prefer to explore first. Some are interested in sports and others are into music, some are into math and others are into gaming. When we say that coding is for everyone, we mean that young people can learn to express themselves with code, based on their personal interest.


We believe that great coding teachers, especially for young children and teens, should be teachers first. They need to know how to communicate with kids in an appropriate way, to explain abstract concepts in a simple, relatable manner, to provide motivation and to build confidence. That's why when we recruit our teachers we do not focus on their coding expertise, but rather on their demonstrated ability to teach and empower kids. We are looking for outstanding, highly motivated individuals with rich experience teaching young children and/or teens. Once recruited, our teachers participate in a six-month course of training, where they deepen their understanding of coding, absorb our teaching values and learn the course plan. Only those who succeed in this training are permitted to teach a Owlnext Edu course.


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